May 14, 2020

Champagne and Ocean Breezes – Florida Keys Elopement

Palm Trees, Love & Ocean Breezes!

Katie and Walter choose to celebrate their love in the simplest and most romantic way possible, they eloped in the Florida Keys.  They wanted their wedding day to be about love, the kind of love that connects two people forever – tying the knot with their toes in the sand at the Palms and Pines Resort in Islamorada. Leaving behind the cold winter air in England they embraced the feeling of ocean breezes, relaxed in a hammock while drinking champagne, and eloped in the Florida Keys.

Why Elope in The Florida Keys?

Eloping is truly the best way to make your wedding day about YOU! The freedom of an elopement is that you start your planning based on you: your timeline for the day, at a location that inspires you, and then you can trim the day with wedding details that speak to you. Your guest list can welcome just yourselves, your photographer, and your officiant, or it can embrace a smaller gathering of family and friends.

Take a look at more ideas and reasons to elope in South Florida on our elopements post:

All You Need To Elope Is Love & Champagne!

A Florida beach elopement can absolutely be vibrant and luxurious. Embrace the possibility of planning an elopement that has the wedding elements which matter most to you. An elopement may have a smaller attendance than you had envisioned for your day, but please don’t think that they don’t lack in love, luxury, class, elegance, sophistication, and personalized fun. I photograph elopements every single year that are full of all of those elements and more. You can feel the connection Kate and Walter have with each other – their fun and at ease nature made them so wonderful to photograph during their elopement.

Destinations elopements also appeal to couples who crave travel and adventure. I think a Florida Keys elopement can also set the stage for an outstanding honeymoon! The Keys are rich with so much natural wonder, and there are hundreds of intimate locations to consider! I have some of my favorites, and I’d love to share them with you, just get in touch!

Tips for planning your elopement!

As a South Florida wedding photographer, couples who are eloping are often traveling from other states or live locally but want to know the best way to elope! There is no one better than a local photographer who is familiar with all the aspects of the day to help you plan. I’ll keep in contact with you to help throughout the entire process – I can even witness your marriage license!

Where can we elope in South Florida?

Once you obtain your marriage license the options for eloping in South Florida are endless!

The beautiful beaches – at sunrise or sunset
The stunning gardens of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
The rooftop of a hotel overlooking Miami and the beaches
A boutique hotel in the Florida Keys
The historic Miami Beach Courthouse

Poolside at your favorite hotel

Not sure, get in touch , I have lots of ideas!

How do we get a marriage license in Florida?

The State of Florida requires a three-day waiting period between application and the marriage license becoming effective. Non-residents do not have to undergo this waiting period. In-state couples who don’t want to wait can attend a premarital education program from an approved provider. You can go to the local county clerks office to obtain your marriage license

Who performs the wedding elopement ceremony in Florida ?

Once you obtain your marriage license, a requirement in Florida, the options are endless! In Florida weddings can be legally performed by Florida notaries of the public, clerks of the circuit courts, ordained ministers and other clergy, and judges. The person who performs your ceremony is then responsible for returning the marriage license to the county that issued it within 10 days of the ceremony.

What is the best time of day to elope in South Florida?

Depending on your location choice, the timing varies, it is safe to assume at least two hours before sunset or just as the sunrises over the ocean ( assuming you are an early riser!)

Can you help us choose other wedding vendors?

I would be honored! There are so many wonderful officiants, florists and make up artists in the South Florida area that I have been lucky to work with over the years – I would be happy to help connect you with the perfect fit for you.

Are you considering eloping on Miami Beach or The Florida Keys? I’d love to hear from you! Head over to my contact page to check my availability and custom collections for elopements!