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Q & A


We have spent the better part of two decades photographing couples and their weddings, capturing the laughter and tears and raw emotion… all of the split-second moments that make your day unlike any other. Blending classic portraiture with photojournalism, we will be by your side as your wedding day unfolds, from the minute you slip on your heels and cufflinks until your final spin on the dance floor. The end result is a complete, unabridged story of your day told through timeless, breathtaking images.

In the months after your wedding day, our in-house design team works closely with you to create a stunning, custom-crafted, handmade album with images that tell a comprehensive story of your day. This is one album that you'll never want to retire to the shelf.

Principal photographer Stacey Ambrosio has an extensive background in journalism and documentary-style photography, enabling her to adapt to any scenario and deliver crisp, vibrant images with remarkable consistency. Stacey is also an accomplished lifestyle photographer, specializing in children's photography and engagement shoots. She thrives on the heartfelt joy of her clients and relishes in the ability to capture those beautiful, fleeting moments that might otherwise pass us by.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your vision for your wedding day and how Ambrosio Photography can help you achieve it.

Do you shoot for a fixed number of hours?

Our packages range from 8 to 10 hours of coverage with principal photographer Stacey Ambrosio. We'll gladly review the various options with you and together create a collection that best meets the specific needs of your wedding day. We also provide intimate collections for weddings with 50 guests or less.

Who will be photographing my wedding? Do you recommend having two primary photographers?

Once you have booked with Ambrosio Photography, you can rest assured that Stacey Ambrosio will be your principal photographer. Having two photographers is certainly valuable as it allows us to be in two places at once… but the greater advantage in hiring a two-person team is having two different perspectives. An associate photographer is option in our collections for a limited number of hours; associate photographers are responsible for lighting setups, arranging group photos, maintaining the equipment, and shooting.

Will we meet with you beforehand?

Yes, a pre-event consultation is highly recommended to ensure a seamless shoot.I prefer to sit down with both the bride and groom at least 30 days prior to your wedding day so that we can all learn more about each other and iron out all the important details. If you live in another state I am happy to skype or facetime with you! 

How much of the shoot is candid vs. posed?

Our style is a combination of journalism and classic portraits. Documentary photography is our approach for most of your wedding day! This is one of the important topics that we will cover in our in-person consultation. I will provide you with a suggested "group photo" list prior to the event, which you can use as a guideline and ensure that we don't miss any key family portraits.

What kind of equipment you use?

We use only top of the line photographic equipment, including several Canon EOS digital cameras that can produce file sizes up to 36 MBs per image. Ambrosio Photography is 100% digital.

Do you provide your own lighting equipment?

Yes! Whether it's the Vizcaya Main House or a candlelit beach wedding, we can manipulate any lighting situation to our advantage. We travel with several portable strobe packs and are capable of creating an on-location photo studio in a matter of minutes.

Do you use a contract to guarantee our wedding?

At the time of booking, we will secure your wedding date and put together a detailed contract for your review and approval.

In case of an emergency, do you have liability insurance?

Ambrosio Photography is fully insured and can provide a certificate of insurance to venues and vendors as required. We also have a select group of photographers in our network in the event of an emergency and we are physically unable to attend your wedding. Thankfully that has NEVER happened!


Engagement sessions are more than another opportunity to post new pics on Facebook and Instagram, though—we must confess—that part is pretty enjoyable, too. Engagement sessions provide exquisite images that can be displayed in your home, used in announcements, on wedding websites, and even as décor at your rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception.
Set in a location of your choice—be it a beachside resort or your very own backyard—engagement sessions are typically one hour. Whether you're trendy or traditional, in formalwear or flip-flops, we can design your engagement session to reflect you, your style, your taste, and your relationship. We love engagement sessions because we get to learn more about you as a couple—and you, in turn, get to see how we operate.
Ideally, this shoot should be scheduled as early as possible to ensure that there's plenty of time to incorporate the images in a Save the Date or a custom-designed guest sign-in book. After seeing their images, many couples decide to design a coffee table engagement album as a companion to their wedding album.

Engagement session cost is $500 for a one-hour shoot at a single location. Contact us to book a session or inquire about additional services.